Access and Consultation

Access and Consultation


Rules and Procedures

Applicable to all Researchers and Visitors


Archival Access Policy

St Kuriakose Elias Chavara Archives and Research Centre holds the copyright for its items and due acknowledgment must be given if the materials are used by the researchers and historians. In recognition of the need to differentiate between the different types of records held in the Archives in order to maintain discretion and security where appropriate, all material in the Archive is classified according to the one of the following access conditions:


1. Access

A. Open:

Generally these materials are published ones, and may be viewed and used without restriction.

B. Restricted:

These materials may only be accessed by the creator, or successor, or higher authorities of the Institute.

C. Privileged access:

Access to records which are closed/restricted, whether by virtue of being less than 150 years old, or in accordance with an extended closure instrument, may be granted on a privileged basis according to the discretion of the higher authorities.

D. Closed:

These materials may only be accessed by the Prior General/Provincial/or one who is deputed by the Superior of the Congregation.

2. Information about individuals:

Access may be denied to the personal files of individuals in order to protect sensitive information about individuals, the disclosure of which would cause either substantial distress or danger to the person affected by disclosure or to their descendants. Sensitive portion of a particular record/document may not be released.


3. Copies:

The users are not permitted to take copies of the document by themselves. However, digital copies of the documents will be given from the Archives according to the nature of the document and discretion of the higher authority of the Archives for which the user has to pay a fixed amount.


4. Appointments and Visits

A. Appointments must be made with the consent of the Director in an application for all Research or Reference in the Archives with prior approval.

B. Guests and Researchers are requested to attach a letter of recommendation from their University/Institution.

C. Foreign researchers are asked to bring a permission letter from the discretionary delegates of their nation in India and also a copy of their passport and visa.

D. Visitors and Researchers are expected to present a valid Identity card with photo identification.